Manufacturing Business

Our manufacturing business owns world-class technologies with principal activities in special steel, aluminium wheels and casting, and heavy machinery, all of which enjoy leading marketing positions in their respective segments in China.


Special Steel

CITIC Pacific Special Steel, wholly owned by CITIC Limited, is the largest dedicated manufacturer of special steel in China, with an annual production capacity of 9 million tonnes. Through Jiangyin Xincheng Special Steel and Hubei Xin Yegang, CITIC Pacific Special Steel supplies special steel products to customers in the auto components, energy, machinery manufacturing, oil and petrochemical, transportation, shipbuilding and other industrial sectors.


Heavy Machinery

CITIC Heavy Industries , listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE: 601608), is one of the world's leading manufacturers of heavy mining and cement equipment as well as one of the largest heavy machinery manufacturers in China. The company engages in the design and development of large sets of technical equipment, large castings and forgings, as well as the provision of related services to customers in the mining, construction materials, coal, metallurgical, non-ferrous, power electronics and environmental protection industries.

CITIC Heavy Industries purchased 80% of the equity of Tangshan Kaicheng, which was then renamed CITIC Heavy Industries Kaicheng Intelligence Equipment Co., Ltd. (Kaicheng Intelligence). This new company is the sole enterprise in China with the license to manufacture robot products in coal mining and rescue efforts, and provide complete integrated mining automation solutions.


A-share IPO Launching Ceremony of CITIC Heavy Industries.


World's Largest Decelerator Developed by CITIC Heavy Industries.


Aluminum wheel and castings

CITIC Dicastal , the world's largest automobile aluminum wheel maker and exporter, offers one-stop services to customers, covering design and production. It is recognized as excellent supplier and strategic partner by Audi, BMW, Benz, Volkswagen and other vehicle manufacturers. Since 2008, CITIC Dicastal has maintained its leadership in global market. By far, it has established a global network of manufacturing, marketing and service with 21 manufacturing bases, of which seven are outside China. In 2015, its total annual sales of aluminum wheel and castings were 37.5 million pieces and 69,000 tons separately. 


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