Engineering Contracting

CITIC Limited's engineering contracting business serves infrastructure, housing construction and industrial construction.

CITIC Construction

With presence in Africa, Latin America and countries along the Belt and Road, CITIC Construction is expanding into developed countries such as the UK and is also expanding its business in China. In addition to its housing construction, infrastructure and industrial construction businesses, CITIC Construction is also seeking more development opportunities in resources, energy, agriculture and environmental protection. Over the years, CITIC Construction has successfully carried out several livelihood projects that greatly influence the local countries, setting up a good brand image and reputation as a Chinese enterprise.

CITIC Engineering

CITIC Engineering mainly concentrates on new urbanization and ecological civilization, conducting investment, construction and operation business in engineering, municipal infrastructure and environmental protection, and providing customers with consultation, planning, investigation, design, investment and financing, as well as design-led EPC services.

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